Zorgrotians Race Stats

Setting-Specific Race: Ferali


The native people of Ferali are passionate, intense, and relentlessly energetic in their pursuits of whatever they have decided to dedicate their lives towards. Whether born from Imera and deciding to master the sword, or born from Ba’Shata and deciding to master magics regarding the element of earth, or whatever else they decide to pursue.
Almost human in their ambition and drive, Feralis approach all things in their life through the unique lens of their race, drawing strength and perspective from the unique blood that runs through their veins and the gifts given to them by whichever god chose them upon their birth.


When a Feralis is born, they are chosen by one of the many gods of their land, almost like a patron. Their patron changes and helps to define who they are, changing their appearance and temperament and abilities to better align with them.
The main Feralis chosen are as follows:
Feralis of Ba’Shata are more mutated, sometimes with scales or gills or other animalistic enhancements, and have a particular penchant for nature magics. With their bright green eyes, they make superb druids, but many with more brutal blood forsake magic and instead become bloodragers of the Feral bloodline.

Feralis of Imera, born during the days of summer, are chosen to be soldiers and warriors. From the day they’re born until the day they die they pledge themselves to a life of honour, discipline, and integrity. As Imera is also the god of honesty, those born with Imeras golden eyes tend to forsake lying, and have a reputation for being trustworthy. They are also particularly talented at arms and battle, as is to be expected for their god. Imeras chosen make superb fighters, monks, and paladins.


Feralis of Nychta are the guardians, the protectors. Born under the Father Of The Warm Night, they are at home in darkness, their dark blue eyes welcome the shadowed places in the world. Swift of foot and sharp of eye, those of Nychta pledge to protect and safeguard all those under their charge. They either stay in towns as guards, or are found travelling and safeguarding the roads, armed with their fierce longbows. They make excellent rangers and slayers.


Feralis of Hoht are cursed, or blessed, to have a deep connection to the all-seer of the pantheon. Catching glimpses of their patrons innate omniscience and connection to the Primal Infinity, the clear white eyes of Hohts chosen are prophets, mages, and priests, as Feral magic and prophecy is almost literally soaked into their blood.


While the other Ferals have their chosen, those are the main four. The others and their related eye colours are:
Gham’Est – Pink Eyes

Parash – Red Eyes

Nysterium – Purple Eyes

Gisei – Silver Eyes

Pretaria – Ice Blue Eyes

Vasillia – Dark Green Eyes

Morsus Mihi – Black Eyes

Kaskol – Dark Grey Eyes


Physical Description:

While each of the types of Chosen have their own physical traits relevant to their god, their are a few traits that all Feralis generally share.
They’re all rather tall, the average height easily breaking 6ft, and some of Ba’Shata’s or Imera’s chosen clearing 7ft without trouble. Well-built and stocky from the wild terrain of the continent, Feralis all also tend to have dark-brown or olive skin, although some of Nychtas chosen are far paler due to their nocturnal behaviours.

Eye colour among Feralis depends on the Feral God who chose them, and hair colours are generally browns and blacks, with the occasional of Hohts chosen having silver or white hair.



Ferali society is generally rather insulated, with each individual village, town, and city easily operating independently from all others, with no over-arching authority above them. They trust their gods to maintain and regulate the continent, and this worked well for them, allowing their society to easily expand across the entire continent without having to worry about border clashes.
It is only in times of war that a chosen of Gham’Est is born to be king or queen, and they remain king or queen until the end of the chaotic times.

In times since the crusade, Ferali society has been forced to change. While clusters of Ferali culture survive in the West, very little remains.
Paraxis stands as the last bastion of traditional Ferali culture, with the four remaining towns on the island all that remains. Meanwhile Sho’Sa also persisted until about 20 years ago, when it was wiped out.

Deadspark has also changed, becoming more tribal without any permanent cities except for the Great Camp, the rest just being wandering nomadic tribes and groups on their landships.



Ferali are still regarded with distrust and hostility, despite how rare they are on the mainland. The other full-blood races regard them with suspicion and sometimes outright hatred, meanwhile Outsider races or half-blood races like the half-elves, Dhampirs, and Tieflings/Sylphs/Ifrits tend to fit in well with Ferali.

Half-Ferali are slightly more common, with Feral bloodlines running through quite a few cities in the west. They’re regarded with slight more acceptance, but also are forced to carry a reputation of being ‘tainted’. Half-Ferali are not chosen by a Feral upon birth, only the full-bloods are.


Alignment & Religion:

The Ferali all worship/adhere to the Feral Pantheon, the gods that rule and govern the island. Their energetic and wild blood from the Infinity also leads to Ferali being impulsive and deserving of the slur ‘feral’, making all Ferali pre-destined towards being chaotic. But Ferali are also empathetic and supportive by nature, their culture deep with a sense of camaraderie and family, ultimately meaning that the majority of Ferali are Chaotic Good.


Standard Racial Traits:

All Ferali receive a +2 to Constitution, but the other ability modifiers depend on their Feral Patron.
Ba’Shata: +2 Wisdom, and -2 Charisma. They can also swap out the +2 Wisdom for either a +2 Natural Armour Bonus or one of the options provided by the spell Animal Aspect.

Nychta: +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, and Darkvision of 60ft

Imera: +2 Strength, -2 Charisma, and gain Weapon Focus as a free feat.

Hoht: +2 Charisma, -2 Strength, and gain either Skill Focus Perception or Sense Motive as a free feat

Gham’Est: (GM Note: those of Gham’Est are extraordinarily rare) +4 Charisma, -2 Dexterity, gain either Skill Focus Diplomacy or Skill Focus Sense Motive as a free feat, and those skills are always class skills.

Morsus Mihi: No. Just no. There are no born of Morsus Mihi, don’t even think about it.

Zorgrotians Race Stats

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