Zorgrotia: The Feral Continent

At risk of spurning a phrase, no-one has a god damned clue how Zorgrotia came into existence. Whether it formed naturally like many continents do, or it was pulled from the oceans depths by the gods themselves.
It doesn't matter too much to the peoples who inhabit it now, they stopped asking when they accepted the gods would never answer.

Approximately 4,500km from east to west, and about 3,300 from North to South, Zorgrotia would be considered relatively small, but to its original inhabitants it was all they knew, and they considered the sweeping fields of the Wildmarsh humongous, and the soaring mountains of Deadspark to touch the sky.
There are six major geographical regions on the continent, and two nearby islands:

The Hall Of The North - 
The climate of the North is artificial and everchanging. What was initially desert was terraformed and altered by the powerful magics of the White Council who reside there. Now the climate is lush and fertile, with even the weather itself deliberate and crafted.
The climate of the North is dominated by the seven great towers of the magic schools, and the sprawling cities around each. Each school with a different preference for how the nearby land should look
Pass by the schools and go to the northernmost point and you'll find the white grass of the Hall, the once capital city of the continent, and the sprawling plains of grass approaching the city bleached white by a magic long since forgotten.

The Circles Of West - 
The West was never fully claimed from the old ones, and that extends to the climate. The second largest region on the continent, second only to Deadspark, the West is a region of incredibly lush forests, and hilly terrain. If a traveler were to follow the Great Road, they would spend most of their time unable to truly see the sun, as they passed under the thick canopies of ancient trees.
What few plains there are, are fertile, the nutrients of the forest seeping through the ground.
The forest is ever-present, the edge only a few hundred paces even from the great trade cities. The people of the West agreed long ago to leave the forest to itself as much as they could.

Deadspark - 
Deadspark, the Eastern region, is the last grand home of the Ferali people.
The largest region in terms of square kilometers, it consists of almost entirely rugged steppes and towering mountains. The great mountains of the border have never been successfully crossed by any large force, and while the native people of the Deadspark are sometimes found in the cities of the other regions, you'll near never find a westerner on the steppes.
A land of roaming herds of beasts and fertile valleys, the mountains lined with caves and tunnels (natural and hand-carved).

Paraxis - 
A small island off the coast, and along with Sho'Sa (Which is now abandoned) is one of the three regions never to fall to the crusade.
Paraxis is the last stronghold and home of the native peoples of Feralis, with no fleet or soldier making the crossing. The great leviathan of Paraxis protecting their island for thousands of years. It, along with Deadspark, are the only places where worship of the Ferals is still both legal, and the norm.

The Screamers Wastes - 
Dead, black with ash and soot, and rotten to the core. That's what the New Peoples think of the land of the Wastes.
And it's true. Step south from the Paragons great walls, and you'll hear nothing but the crunch of grit under your foot for leagues as you walk. Littered with the ruins of old towns and scars in the earth that were once battlefields, the Wastes is unchanged from the day the Feral Gods made their last stand.
Nothing grows. And the only things that move, are the small groups of young and hopeful Paragons on their way as far south as south goes, hoping to find fame and glory by fighting the great monsters of the south.
Walk enough leagues (you cannot ride, for none but the bravest of mounts will cross to the south), and you will enter a land of mystery. Scouts that have explored have delivered reports of black forests, of shimmering lakes that nothing rots in, and even of cities populated by the ever growing mutant perversions the Feral Gods create.

The Sphere Of The South - 
A region of open fields and rivers, the populated South is a breadbasket.
Wide fields of wheat, rich mines dotting the hills, and all resources being sent along the rivers to the Sphere, the greatest city on the continent.
Numerous towns and villages dot the landscape, a landscape so flat it's possible to see for miles if you stood upon one of the few rare hills.
The region saw among the worst of the fighting towards the end of the Age Of Heroes, and many areas of the landscape have never truly recovered

And the region in the center, called a different name by each other region (Wildmarsh, Redfield, The Dead Expanse, or Shadowstone Hovels)
Expansive and fertile, with great plains deep in the richest soil to be found on the continent. Forests and woods, lakes and rivers, and the steppes begin to the East along the border of Deadsparks mountains.
Active with wildlife and flora, it is as close as Feralis can get to a climate paradise.

Zorgrotia: The Feral Continent

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