Zorgrotia - A Brief History

Pre-2690 AR:
Before the 'settling' of its land by the other peoples of Golarian, Zorgrotia was ruled over by a pantheon of gods who, at the time, had no titles. There were native populations in each of the regions, with the only group truly ethnically different the inhabitants of Deadspark, who were largely isolated.

2690 AR – The Golorian settlers arrive with a small military force, and establish a port in the northernmost point of the continent. Upon encountering villages of the native population, relations are initially cautious, and things look hopeful for an alliance of sorts.

2691 AR – Upon discovering the existence of the now titled Feral Gods, the Golorian settlers erect a temple of their own pantheon, and begin attempting to convert the natives. This temple is destroyed when a devoted worshiper of the Ferals visits out of curiosity and is driven mad by an unknown force. Many of the more pious settlers see this as a declaration of war, and retaliate against the mans town, leveling it. The Feral Crusade begins.

2694 AR – With the help of superior tactics and an organized religious military, the Golorian settlers, now calling themselves the New Peoples, finish claiming the north. Sa'Mara, the Feral God known as 'The Devourer', is slain in the Battle Of The White Fields, the magic in her blood bleaching the grass white.

2695 AR – The invasion of the West begins. Ba'Shata, the Feral God of both natural and unnatural change, turns a common serpent into the first khasp, the first of his great beasts, and assigns it to protect the forest.

2697 AR – The Center is claimed by the Crusade. 5,000 crusading soldiers vanish on their way south through the Center and clues of their whereabouts are never discovered.
The invasion of the West is stalled as Ba'Shata and Nychta, the Feral God of Night, turn a settlers daughter born on the stroke of midnight into the Twilight Princess. She grows to maturity in a matter of hours and vanishes into the forest. Armies within the forest begin to report the trees 'swallowing' soldiers soon after.

2697 AR – Joran Flashfire, a blacksmith for the newly established White Hall in the north, is commissioned to forge a sword fit for whomever would end up the ruler of Zorgrotia. In a moment of inspiration, he quenches the blade in the blood of Sa'Mara. The first of the great artifacts has been created, declaring the start of the Age Of Heroes.

2698 AR – The crusaders attempted invasion of Deadspark is repelled. The crusaders in the West discover the trees do not harm anyone unarmed and without violent intent. The western cities begin to form as the settlers are determined to settle even if they cannot conquer. The Center is taken.

2701 AR – The Western Trade Circles are almost all established. Ba'Shata and the other Feral Gods of the West travel to the South to assist their brethren. The loss of Ba'Shatas presence weakens the power of the forest, but the trade circles will never lose their fear of its power.
The Center begins to be properly settled. The magic schools in the North seal the border to prevent the influence of the Feral Gods returning.

2703 AR – Sir Ysgar Of The White Field, the champion who slew Sa'Mara, gathers the first Heroes together for the first time, marking the birth of The Paragons. Their meeting spot, then a small tavern, would eventually be turned into their great hall. The Paragons march further south, smashing their followers into the concentrated forces of the Ferals.

2704 AR – As more and more Feral Gods begin to either perish, or lose influence due to the growing strength of the Golarian pantheons, they grow more desperate and deserving of their name. Nychta takes a vampire  in an attempt to remake Sa'Mara, but instead it becomes the Devouring Mist. Parash, the Feral God of the Condemned, pulls the Crawling Screamers up from the graveyards. Ba'Shata mutates the diseases brought over by the settlers, creating Last Gasp.

2707 AR – The Center falls silent as all occupants of the towns and villages vanish without a trace, marking the start of the centers curse as the land where no-one can build a home. This isolates the regions from each other.

2708 AR – The Twilight Princess leads the remaining great beasts of the West on The Roaring Dawn, cleansing all of Ba'Shatas temples and shrines of settlers attempting to sanctify them, and all Golarion towns nearby. The temples of Ba'Shata would fall forgotten, and beasts would hesitate to go near them forever after, almost out of grief for their father that is yet to return home.
The people of the West take advantage of the lull of the forest to build the watchtowers along the Road and form the great Militia, the Ghost Of The Fog makes his first appearance.

2710 AR – In the final great battle of the crusade, the eight Paragons lead their armies of veterans, wielding their awe inspiring artifacts of power, against the final great horde of the Ferals. As the battle turns into the Paragons favor, Ba'Shata presses a thousand corpses together to create Sa'mara'Sha, the beast with a million mouths. It devours three of the eight Paragons before it eventually devours itself.
Joran Flashfire survives the battle, but his legendary sword is lost.
Parash uses the last of his power to seal the Wastes against divine influence, creating a frontline the Crusade will never be able to take due to halting their gods influence, drained of his power he retreats south along with the 12 remaining Feral Gods.
Joran responds by using the last of his absorbed power to bless the border as well, sealing the Ferals power into the Wastes.

2711 AR – The wall is built, along with the seven towers, one for each of the fallen Paragons. Joran spends his life building the guild hall, waiting for the potent magic of the continent to birth more heroes, which it begins to do.

3321 AR – The regions begin to rediscover each other.

4691 AR – Arkanval, the greatest city in the Trade Circles, collapses into ruin upon the death of its king and noble houses. The Church Of The Everygod, a cult led by an incredibly persuasive worshiper of Gham'est, makes its first appearance. Darten, the leader of the cult, escapes the collapse of the city.

4709 AR – Due to effort by a particularly clever worshiper of Ba'Shata, one of his temples is re-opened, and the acts of his worship within rouse the Feral Gods power after millennia sealed south. The forest begins to re-awaken.

4711 AR – The Primal Infinity questline begins, leading to the discovery of the Prophecy Of Seven. A few months later, the Sphere is destroyed, and the great barrier is weakened.

Zorgrotia - A Brief History

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