The Writhing Blood Coven

Formed about 1000 years ago according to Lucille, the coven were formed under the belief that by perverting and twisting Hohts prophecies it would be possible to gain mastery over fate, and the flow of time.
Secretive in operation, eventually the bodies from their sacrifices piled up, and the original coven was purged by the Guardians.

And yet over the years, their symbol and modus operendi have popped up, with scrolls and relics pertaining to prophecies seeming to vanish, and bodies being discovered with the ritual sigil of the coven drawn in blood around them.

Lelise, the scholar from the archive who originally logged the Perfect skull into the records, was discovered mutilated and dead in her room inside of a sigil of the coven, and her various notes have vanished.
Derek also discovered that the curse in his eye, known as the Curse Of The Silent Stalker, had been seared into him by a source with a direct connection to the cult, as Lucilles spell discovered, and the possibility that the cult had been watching through his own eye ever since the massacre of his family became known to him.

They have also apparently come into possession of the Perfect skull from the archive.

The party, through a deal with Gisei, learned the location of what was clearly a base of the Covens down in the slums of the Sphere, but had been abandoned and visited by Ipsa recently, due to the presence of her rose petals.

The Writhing Blood turned out to also be the name of those Zorgrotians born to Parash, as a group of them attempted a coup on the island of Paraxis, lead by the Perfect Ira.

Upon traveling North, the party have discovered the Coven leading the new and mysterious Emerald School of magic, with the Covens leaders Madame Delilah and Dr Rosha acting as headmasters.

The Writhing Blood Coven

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