The Story of Delilah & Rosha

The Order of the Infinite Hourglass prides itself on being completely unknown to most mortals, while also being figures of awe-inspiring power and wisdom to those who ARE aware of them. Dedicated to the preservation of Hohts prophecies, and the prevention of any paradox's along the way, the Order is in the incredibly powerful position of being able to decide which prophecy has precedence should any come into clash, which happens more often than most mortals might expect.

Always willing to accept members from their species, should the individual present themselves with curiosity, temperence, cunning, and subtlety, it was no surprise at all that the Order accepted the being who would come to be called Delilah. She was young when she first joined, having barely seen her first century, and while even now she isn't a scratch compared to the ancient beings that rule the order she has seen four millenia pass, having been one of the privileged members of the Order allowed to watch Aroden raise the Starstone and found Absalom.

Noted for her incredible knowledge for magics, she was quick to gain the trust of the elders of the Order, and so when the Age Of Heroes began on the Feral Continent, Delilah was sent to keep an eye on the most fragile of the heroes, the prophet Tacita.

And Tacita had seen her coming.

Going against the practices of the Order, Delilah developed a close friendship with her ward, standing by her side and directly involving herself in the matters Tacita worked with. But the warm friendship was not to last intact.

It was the day of the betrayal, after Tacita, Boral, and Dodge had met with Parash and slain Nysterium, that Tacita and Delilah stood atop the high tower of the Hourglass, watching half of the crusades army approach to reclaim the city. For reasons unknown and unexplained, Tacita killed herself, throwing herself from the tower.

This was the great paradox, a violation of the timeline that Delilah allowed, and it ripped the fabrics of the Hourglass apart. Tacita awoke at the bottom of the tower, unscathed. Heartbroken at her failed attempt to free herself from the chains of prophecy she was bound by, she was sundered when she discovered what had happened to Delilah, laid out unconscious at the top of the tower, the epicentre of the collapse.
Torn apart, magically wrended, very little of Delilah remained intact.

And the battle for the Hourglass occurred, and the Crusade re-took the city. Boral and Little Dodge died in the fighting. And when Ysgar climbed the tower to confront Tacita, she was missing, and the damaged Delilah was nowhere to be found.
Eventually Tacita would be slain at Oracles Hand, and the rest is history.

Delilah popped up rarely, only at major events, drawing power from the taint of prophecy in the air. Forming her Writhing Blood Coven, she stole artifacts, tomes, histories, artwork, and hid them away, obscuring as much about the traitors as could be discovered.

Until about 500 years prior to the campaign, when during a foray in the North she met an incredibly talented healer from the School Of Glass, the 6th Chain Theodorus Rosha.
They bonded instantly, Delilahs wisdom and incredible magical reserves mingling perfectly with Rosha's brilliance and genius. And together, for 60 years, they worked tirelessly, creating magical wonders, and revolutionizing the study of Feral magics.

But Rosha was human, and he began to grow old, and frail.
Fearing the death of one who was her true companion, her friend that was meant to be, Delilah tapped into the power of her kind, power she had spent centuries slowly recovering and healing, and severed Roshas spirit from the material plane, sealing it away. And Rosha was made immortal.

But that immortality began to change him. Brilliance turned into hunger, into fixation. Rosha sustained his existence on the devouring of intelligence and wisdom from others, accumulating their brilliance into his own. The more minds he devours, the greater his power and awareness grows, and the more firm his immortality. But his sanity fades.
For centuries they ran rampant throughout the continent, stealing artifacts, killing historians and scholars who studied certain things, and vanishing back into obscurity.
Until suddenly, their actions became precise, deliberate.

Delilah, impersonating a respected scholar of the School Of Glass, introduced 5th Chain Johann to Girighet.
Rosha infiltrated the School Of Silver as a Gold mage and committed murder, starting the last mage war that took everything from the noble families, while Delilah brought the young and ambitious Paris Maryn into the Writhing Blood.
Delilah infiltrated one of the few true orc tribes that occupy the Western forest, kidnapping a half-blood orc child and selling him into the fighting pits, before hiring the Rat King of Arkanval to assassinate the cities king, King Logan, and causing the collapse of the city. Rosha went to the Sphere and hired a Lodge to travel to the North and deal with the Court Of Mirrors, and the Lodge of Krugga was chosen for the task, on which she met Altorius. This was all part of a chain of events leading to the last mage war, where 6th Chain Prisma Silverbrine, working on an off the record research team alongside 6th chain Theodorus Rosha, began her experiments on her unborn child. Paris, on the orders of Delilah, assassinated the descendents of Lelise Of The Bloodgate and took their son and heir into slavery.
And then they travelled South. Delilah befriended a clever young boy who dreamed of being a lodger, a boy with golden eyes. Rosha went to a small village and wiped it out, devouring the inhabitants into himself in the night, leaving only a small boy alive who he then cursed to be forever haunted by the voices of the dead.
And they vanished again, for a few more years, until Delilah began spreading her influence inside the Sphere, and Dr Rosha appeared at the gates of the Oliveen Estate, and meet with Dereks family on that warm night.

The Story of Delilah & Rosha

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