The South

The South, or the Southern Sphere, is the land of heroes.
Founded along the great border with the Screaming Wastes (the prison of the Ferals), the Southerners are a people intimately acquainted with glory and death, to the point that it is expected every Southerner will join the Lodgers for at least a few years, in the hope of finding glory and power.

Even in the smallest villages and towns, almost all the people do is to support the Sphere.
Excess food is shipped there, materials are sold to them, and their best and brightest youths join as soon as they are of age.
Governed by the ten Paragons, most of the South functions autonomously, kept disciplined and organized through their dedication to the regions cause.

But, as is a given, the further South you look the more warped things become.
The people closest to the Seven Towers along the border, are unusually fanatical in their dedication.
Proximity to their enemy? Or something more?

1. Top Floor: Hall Of Heroes

2. The estates of the High 20 Lodges

3. 1-2500 of the Lodges, the higher-end taverns specifically for the Lodgers

4. 2501-5000 of the Lodges

5. The various training grounds, arenas, and numerous blacksmiths and craftsmen that keep the Lodgers sharp and supplied.

6. The noble estates of the Mess, various gardens and theaters, also the level with the magical man-made river that supplies the city with water.

7. The main residential level for the peasantry of the city

8. The Ground Level: Markets, housing, the economic heart of the city

9. One Level Below Ground: The slums, offices, the Museum Of The Paragons, open to the public.

10. Research laboratories, the library of the lodge records, researchers private offices, minimum security storage. Permission, or the company of one of the scholars, is needed for access.

11. The beginning of deep storage, and high security. Numerous libraries, and the labs of scholars conducting riskier research. Almost impossible to enter without either Paragon or High Scholar permission, due to the magical wards.

12. Deep security storage, the beginning of the artifacts of moderate risk and power.

13. Storage, artifacts of above average risk and power. Only the Paragons and High Scholars have access below this point.

14. More storage, artifacts of high risk and power.

15. Extreme security storage, artifacts of extreme risk and power.

16. The Deep, the high security prison of the city kept in almost total darkness for those condemned to life sentences.

17. The deepest level, almost impossible for even a Paragon to gain access, the magical heart of the city.

The South

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