The Screamers

Formless, timeless, and not even slightly understood, the Screamers exist as formless, seemingly infinite spirits under the command of their god, Parash.
Around since the beginning, it was originally considered quite a divine blessing to be chosen to carry a Screamer as its host, allowing it to take up your body and take control over it from time to time, but it never lasted.

Screamers possess an incredibly destructive power, a pure chaotic evil that tears apart their host if they're too weak to sustain it. This makes even the weakest Screamers dangerous, as the rage their host enters when they begin to fall apart can destroy buildings and raze villages.
They have a direct connection to Parash, god of corruption and betrayal, and they speak and act upon his will and ambitions.
Unmatched in their killing potential and their destructive power by any force known to those on the continent, and able to possess any body (even animal, even dead) strong enough to hold them, the Screamers are the purest form of a Feral gods power to ever exist, even above Ba'Shatas Twilight Princess.

The more powerful the host, the more powerful the Screamer that can possess them.
While weaker Screamers are mindless monsters, unable to contain their own power, the stronger Screamers are cunning, clever, and a purer evil than their weaker counterparts can even imagine, capable of devastating magic and power.

But even the strongest of the regular Screamers have older siblings, the reviled and feared Perfects, the first of Parash's children, who each represent the purest forms of temptation and indulgence:

Ira - 

The Screamers

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