The Order Of The New Dawn

The Order Of The New Dawn have been around for a few years, but have only become a respectable presence in the past couple.
An Order comprised of ex-Lodgers, some mages from the North, and quite a few militiamen and soldiers from the West, the New Dawn hope to finally unite the regions of the continent under one banner, establishing a continent wide government, and forming an organized military to replace the Lodgers.
Their current goal is to undo the curse of the center, while also establishing diplomatic contact with the Paragons of the South, who so far have refused their attempts to open negotiations.

The Order are stationed in Fort Dawn, a small and rundown fortification to the north of the Sphere, the occupants of the nearby village were all too willing to allow them to station themselves there.
Lead by the noble Gondarian family from the North, one of the oldest noble families on the continent, they are openly gathering supporters and numbers to their cause.
The Paragons however, believe them to be a threat to the authority of the Sphere.

The group has met with Tertius Gondarian, Lord Overseer of the Third Army of the order, and the son of Lord Jarys Gondarian who leads the Order. Tertius is currently in the Sphere attempting to gain an audience with the different Paragons (particularly Kylar) to open diplomatic discussions between the two groups, so that the Paragons formally realize that the New Dawn are no threat.
He is also a murderer, which not even Chrysalis was aware of, and she gave the party explicit authority to investigate the matter personally, instead of it being a matter for the Guardians

The Order Of The New Dawn will not be stationed at Fort Dawn much longer, instead re-stationing at the ruined fort of Shatterspire to the north, on the border with the Center, so as to have an easier time maneuvering the scouting parties they intend to send into the center to attempt to find the Neverwere Crown, the artifact rumored to be able to break the curse gripping the region.

The party successfully proved Tertius to be a murderer, and he was executed by Lord Jarys Gondarian, who was revealed to be a worshiper of Nysterium and the inherited owner of the Mask Of The Judge. Mort revealed the return of Nysterium to him, and Jarys grew emotional at the news, pledging to the party that the Order will be there if they ever call, and expressing a hope that if they do discover the location of The Hourglass, that the party will come to their aid to assist in the capture of it.

The Order's numbered bloomed after the destruction of the Sphere, and despite Mort leaving the company of the party the Order have remained strong allies of the party, with Jarys sending the party North to investigate why support of the council had stagnated.
The Order have also begun moving into the Center in their attempt to find The Hourglass.

The Order Of The New Dawn

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