The Feral Gods

Unfortunately, not much is still commonly known about the ancient pantheon that once ruled the continent, with many names once spoken in terror now seemingly devoid of meaning.
With no written history or record prior to 2690AR, any information about the formation of the Ferals and their origins has to be interpreted from the rituals and ruins of temples that still remain.

There were originally twenty Ferals, by the end of the Crusade only thirteen remained, contained in the Screaming Wastes of the South by the powerful divine magic of the Seven Towers, and their own magic preventing the crusade from advancing with the help of the divine gods any further.

Ba'Shata, the god of Natural & Unnatural Change, is believed to have been the first Feral to form. The inscriptions in many of his temples implicate he was somehow birthed from the energies of the forest itself. At some point later he used his power to birth Gham'est, the Feral God of Heirarchy, Influence, and Control.
Together they would form the remaining eighteen Ferals over time.

The most powerful of the Ferals, often considered the main pantheon, are:
Morsus Mihi
and Nysterium

The Ferals still alive, are as follows:

Ba'Shata (CN) – ALIVE:
Ba'Shata is the god of Change, and all wildlife defers to him. In many ways he is the definition of Chaotic Neutral, and is in fact the only Feral to fit into that alignment.
The oldest of the Feral Gods, and believed by common interpretation to be the original, Ba'Shatas power flows through evolution and mutation. 
Followers and worshipers of Ba'Shata participate in plagues, mutilation, the construction of homunculi, and the protection of the forests. They are expected to alter their own form as they desire regardless of whether others will accept the changes. Immortality is forbidden as it is seen as the end of change and development.
Ba'Shata is often portrayed as a giant eye, and it was believed he often takes the physical form of an ordinary creature but with only the one large eye.

Gham'est (LN) – ALIVE:
A Feral still worshiped by some, particularly among the nobility, Gham'est is the goddess of Hierarchy, Influence, and Control.
She possesses the ability to alter and embellish the threads of influence between forces (literal, spiritual, and metaphysical). Kings and Queens rise because Gham'est weaves that thread. Lizards are below birds because Gham'est wills it. The moon relies on the light of the sun because Gham'est says it's so.
Often prayed to by nobility or those seeking influence and fortune, she has often given her blessing to those that earn her favor. Earning her favor often means provoking revolution to reset a hierarchy, punishing slavers, or proving you're willing to ruthlessly increase your own influence by any means.
Often depicted as the wife of Ba'Shata, and the mother of the Ferals.

Hoht (TN) – ALIVE:
The Feral God of Day & Night, Hoht is the observer of all the cycles that occur.
Day and night, the cycle of time, and the cycle of life and death.
Seemingly without form or opinion, Hoht simply exists, leaving distortions and wavers in time in their wake. Believed to be the wisest and smartest of the Ferals, his contributions to resisting the Crusade were subtle mysteries. Troops would grow elderly and die in an hour, crops would cease to grow, commanders were given visions of disastrous outcomes to battles they were planning to convince them to reconsider. Hoht is also believed to be behind the curse of the center.
His followers are few, mostly acting as scholars or gravekeepers, although some of the more devoted are whispered to seemingly never age, or gain incredible powers of prophecy.
Patient, all-seeing, and completely without any apparent motivations or passions, Hoht remains an ambiguous mystery despite his important prominence in the pantheon.

Parash (CE) – ALIVE:
Despised and reviled, Parash is the Feral God of Temptation.
Parash more than earns the position with his depravity. With influence ranging from simply destroying friendships, to provoking murder, to rising his dreaded Screamers. Parash represents everything the Crusaders wished to destroy.
Every stab in the back, every orphan left in a gutter to die, every necromantic chant, every tortured slave, every act of revenge, sings to him. It was also he who seared the earth of the Wastes, preventing any divine power from touching them. And now he waits, torturing any Paragon or Lodger foolish enough to be caught in his grasp.
While the worship of any other Feral will earn you a lengthy prison sentence (or sentencing by the Council Of Eight), to be caught worshiping Parash is to be killed slowly for your entire town to watch over a matter of days, on the Wheel, and your house and all your belongings torched.
Along with his eldest children, the dreaded Perfects, he seeds temptation and indulgence in the hearts of mortals, seducing all to his will.

Gisei (LN) – ALIVE:
Gisei, the Feral God of Sacrifice & Exchange, has a simple rule for earning his favor:
"Give, to get."
What the exchange is, depends on the person seeking what he can provide. And to those who know the rituals and words, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether it be sacrificing your son if you wish to have a daughter, or burning all your own possessions to grant someone else good fortune. There was once an argument he could be considered the god of revenge, seeing as a worshiper of Gisei could cause the death of any one person as long as they sacrificed their own life, but he never liked the implication there was any malice or passion in what he provides.
No contracts, no complicated deals, no jargon. Offer something that balances the scale, and you'll get what you wish.
Thankfully, almost all have forgotten his more extreme and chaotic rituals, but those who have learned the ones that remain use them for either incredible charity, or ruthless selfishness.

The twin brother of Kaskol, he safeguards one of the two keys to the Everweb, the divine vault where Kaskol keeps her secrets and Gisei keeps his near infinite merchandise. Both keys are required to access the demiplane, and both keys are guarded fiercely by the twin gods

Nychta (NG) – ALIVE:
The Feral God of the Warm Night, Nychta is the guardian of the native people.
Patron Feral of guards, watchmen, and travelers standing watch over their camps during the long nights, he is often associated with defensive magic.
Was one of the only Ferals to occasionally take humanoid form, Nychta would appear as a weary guard wielding a blade of pure shadow.
Offering a quick prayer to Nychta when starting a watch, is a sure way to guarantee a safe night.
He has not neglected in his promise to protect, despite his exile to the Wastes.
Worshipers of Nychta are often guards, some even risking carrying small holy symbols while they stand watch.

Pretaria (CG) – ALIVE:
Also known as the Maiden Of The Dark Frost, Pretaria is the goddess of frost, decay, and stillness. Considered among the weakest of the Ferals, Pretaria is bound to a physical form (that of a massive silver bird), constantly soaring above the Wastes.
Everything that falls into the shadow of her wingspan is frozen, covered in frost, and her birdsong is said to both bring blizzards and paralyze all who hear it clearly.
Worshipers of Pretaria often prayed to her for protection in winters, and those who earned her favor would report seeing her overhead, beating her wings to keep blizzards and storms away from villages.
She advises restraint, patience, and resilience, in all actions.

Kaskol (TN):
The Feral Goddess of silence, secrets, deception, and nothingness.
While often considered the twin sister to Nysterium, Kaskol is many years older, mysteriously coming into being after Hoht wrote his first prophecy. Kaskol possesses no mouth, language, official prayer, or sacred text.
A Patron of thieves, seers who use their gifts selfishly, and executioners. Kaskol takes the confessions of all who pray to her and seals them away forever, some believe that by giving your confessions to her your soul would be safe even from Nysteriums judgement.
Almost as mysterious as her counterpart Hoht, Kaskol put up no resistance in her banishment to the Wastes, and has been traveling over it ever since, as if searching for something, her long black dress and mouthless face often sighted in the distance from the towers.

Vasillisa (CN) – ALIVE:
Known as the Rodent Maiden, or the Queen Of Mice.
Vasillisa is, in essence, the goddess of survival, desperation, and desolation.
A gentle goddess, she supports the homeless, the orphaned, the hungry, and the poor, with little gifts of luck and good fortune. But she is also the main goddess of thieves, and many thieves guilds offer tribute to her in exchange for luck or a good score to fall into their lap.
Worshipers of Vasillisa are almost always those she cares for; the homeless, orphans, and the desperate, along with thieves and pickpockets.
She advises doing what must be done to survive.

Wakara (CG) – ALIVE:
The leviathan of Paraxis, Wakara is the guardian of the seas surrounding Feralis, and is the sole reason why Paraxis never fell to the New Peoples. Living inside the crashing waves along the coast, Wakara takes his worship from sailors, fishermen, and mages who dream of controlling the weather.
Accounts on his form and size often differ and conflict, as some maintain he is a giant shark beneath the waves while others insist he is a serpent that swims through the clouds above

The twin of Nychta, Imera was the Feral god of truth, daylight, and honour.
He was the sword to Nychta's shield, and the functioning general of the old armies of the natives during the crusade. His power was renowned to the point that even in the modern age, those born at noon in the height of summer are believed destined for martial greatness.
The Patron Feral of barbarians, bloodragers, and fighters.
Answered a martial challenge by Ursa, the Sarenrae Paladin hero of the crusade, and gave up his immortality to face her as an equal. He fell to her blade in a duel that scarred the battlefield in a way still visible from Ursa's tower to this day.
However, his presence has again been detected, and those of his bloodline have found themselves with access to his powers. His location, form, and level of power are unknown. But he has returned.

Morsus Mihi (TN) – ALIVE:

Otherwise called the Envoy, the Harbinger, or even simply The End, Morsus Mihi is a primordial presence as powerful as her father Ba'Shata, yet never worshipped or prayed to.
The first-born of Ba'Shata and Gham'Est, she has been around since nearly the beginning, operating as the anti-thesis to her fathers gift of creation. She is the other side of the scales that Hoht balances, equalizing out her fathers efforts.

It has never even been a slightly challenged theory that Morsus Mihi will be the cause of the end of all things, and will one day sink the continent back into the ocean where it came from.
Until then she is has been an almost completely non-participatory observer, her presence was even undetected until her name started popping up in prophecies.
Put simply, she is the closest thing the Feral pantheon has to a god of Death, and the eventual Apocalypse. She appears to be simply waiting until the time is right.

Sciothane (CE) – DECEASED:
The feral God of poisons, venoms, rot, disease, and madness, Sciothane was another of the Feral Gods bound to a physical form. An enemy of Ba'Shata for thousands of years, Sciothane attempted to infect and destroy the forest on many occasions, constantly repelled by Ba'Shata.
A willing participant in the Crusade, Sciothane could condemn whole towns or army camps in a night, sweep over an army during a battle and bring them down with Zombie Rot, or Slimy Doom, or plague.
That is, until the battle of The Skyspire, where he encountered Lelise Of The Bloodgate, who was somehow immune to his effects. Considered one of the most epic (and shortest) showdowns in history, Ysgar withdrew all forces from the battle before allowing Lelise to act without restraining her strength.
She walked up to Sciothane, planted her feet, and with all her strength, she punched him.
And he exploded.
And so did the tower of the fort behind him.
They call it Shatterspire now.

Nysterium (LN) – ALIVE:
The Feral God of Justice, Vengeance, and Mercy. Wearer of the Three Masks Of Retribution.
Nysterium was one of the Ferals to perish in the crusade, betrayed by Parash.
Never truly siding with either side in the crusade, Nysterium instead punished the wrongdoers and saved the innocent and weak on both sides. But as the crusade grew bloodier, Nysterium began to grow more desperate in his attempts to deliver retribution to all.
For reasons unknown, Parash eventually betrayed him. Trapping him with some of the First Paragons. In a moment still whispered about by his remaining worshipers, when Nysterium looked at the First Paragons and Parash with his three masked faces for the last time, the mask of Mercy cracked, and Nysterium allowed himself to be slain.

Sa'Mara (NE) – DECEASED:
The first of the Feral Gods to perish in the Crusade, Sa'Mara was known as 'The Devourer', and was considered the lesser of all the Ferals purely for her hostility and uncontrollable instincts.
The most pure Sa'Mara'Sha to ever exist (given she was the original model), Sa'Mara was originally foreseen to one day swallow the world. It is the only prophecy Hoht has ever gotten wrong, for none of the Ferals could predict Ysgar and the birth of the Age Of Heroes.
A mage of almost unbelievable power, Ysgar lifted Sa'Mara into the sky and held her there until her uncontrollable hunger forced her to devour herself.
With no set shape or form, Sa'Mara was instead capable of re-purposing all matter she devoured for her own needs. Often starting a battle the size of a dog, and ending it the size of a mountain.
Ever since the final battle of the Crusades, it's been suspected that Ba'Shata has been devoting the entirety of his banishment to attempting to revive her.


The Feral Gods

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