Lodge 12

One of the Top 20 Lodges in the Sphere, Lodge 12 are almost a legend unto themselves.
Up until they betrayed the order in the horrific manner, with the murder of Paragn Sybil, the stealing of Kaskols Compendium, and the collapse of Ursa Tower.
They appear to be working on behalf of Parash, attempting to complete the Prophecy Of Seven.
Their motivations and reasons for this however, are unclear.

The members of Lodge 12, and relevant information about them so far, are as follows:

Aurelia – DECEASED
Aurelia was young, impatient, arrogant, and boastful. With a talent for magic, and a fiery temper, she was the runt of Lodge 12. Tending to the beautiful gardens of their Lodge, she was dispatched to the West to deal with the 'heart' of the Twilight Princess as mentioned in the prophecy.
The party encountered her at the Great Tree, and defeated her in battle.

Samson The Savage – DECEASED
Samson appears to be, in all matters, a soldier.
Tidy, disciplined, and unremarkable in fashion, his reputation is for his skill in combat and the friendliness with which he carries himself.
He had a younger brother, Maxwell, who is a member of a younger Lodge.
According to Bullard and Gulderia, Samson was searching for the Blue Fire mentioned in the prophecy. The party encountered him in the town of Vattok, and through a mixture of compassion and diplomacy he eventually surrendered to the party, becoming a temporary ally.
He traveled with them to Paraxis, and was slain holding off Ira alongside Boris, who also perished in the fight.

The Twins: Bullard and Gulderia – ALIVE
Collected, composed, and almost charming, the twins are by no stretch of the imagination the most feared members of Lodge 12, despite deferring to Aeron and Ipsas authority.
Both native Zogrotions by blood and birth, they were born on the island of Sho'Sa, but the facts of their birth are unknown, as both grew up hearing the story of how Bullard was birthed from the fires of the volcano on the island, meanwhile Gulderia was spat out by the sea itself.
There are no longer any towns or villages on the island of Sho'Sa, a massacre that Bullard claimed credit for.

Believed by all others to be insane, their demeanor and aura unnerve even the relentlessly chipper Chrysalis and calm Bafdor, with the reputation of the many slaughters and brutal accidents that happened in their wake whispered in every tavern of the Sphere.
Noted by Ipsa in her notes for having bare control over their powers, which makes them prone to accidents and slips, Bullard confirms this, stating that Gulderia has much better control but he overmatches her in terms of raw power.

They were sealed and imprisoned in The Deep, captured in their attempt to retrieve the Perfect skull in the archives that they then discovered had gone missing.
They seemed quite willing to talk with the party, despite their silence towards all others who had attempted to talk to them.
Bullard mused that Aeron had known the skull had gone missing, and had instead sent the twins to the Sphere specifically to get them locked away where they can do the least damage and cause the least accidents, so he would know where they are when he needed them next.
They possess the strange ability to switch positions seamlessly, as if they swap bodies.

When Sybils funeral occured, the Prophecy unwravelled, and through unknown means the Twins escaped and succeeded in destroying the Sphere, splitting the region into disarray.

Ipsa The Black Rose – ALIVE
Second in Command of the Lodge, Ipsa was known for being inspiring, cheerful, determined, and rigorously energetic, and fiercely devout to her goddess, Milani.
Until the slaughter of her and Dereks families.
After which, she changed, becoming withdrawn and silent, and wrathful (given the destruction found in her room at the Lodge). Her motives for going along with Parash are unknown, given she should despise everything he represents.
She is the only member of the Lodge to make any attempt to contact the party, leaving a letter for Derek and even giving him the rumored location of another Perfect skull. She is also responsible for the guards of Yrundi vanishing, as they all joined her for unknown reasons.
Her location, and mission, are currently unknown.

Aeron – ALIVE
The unchallenged leader of Lodge 12, Aeron is known to be a genius.
The Watcher noted that even though he was still far behind Bafdor in terms of raw intellect, he had a creative knack that allowed him to shine in his own spectacular way.
Known to be a magic user of some description, and was the first member of Lodge 12 to speak to the party directly, Aeron is courteous and polite even to his apparent enemies.
His room at Lodge 12 contained a desk and small workbench, covered in notes Mort was unable to understand at a glance. These same notes, Tacita later revealed were the designs of Aerons weapons, which she wished to seal away forever so that no others may come close to what Aeron had designed and created.

His location, and his mission, are currently unknown.

Lodge 12

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