Bestiary So Far

A list, with brief descriptions, of the unique creatures encountered in the campaign so far:

The profane and despised creations of Parash, the Screamers are unpredictable and unique.
They possess no physical form of their own, they instead exist as malignant spirits under Parash's command, able to attach themselves to (and in extreme cases, possess) living creatures.
With this power, they became a foe impossible to track or predict, due to their ability to blend into their hosts lives perfectly, only become discernable when they hunt, constantly emitting the scream they were named for. While many hosts cannot sustain the concentrated power, and tear themselves apart in madness, there are Screamers who manage to remain intelligent and therefore infinitely more dangerous.
Whether it be human, rat, horse, or even a corpse, the Screamer can inhabit it. And you'll never see them coming until you hear them scream.

Psychic parasites from centuries ago, the Shivers were a natural evolution from a time of fear, chaos, and war. Creatures capable of spreading fear and corruption, and then feasting on it, the Shivers of old could grow to the size of horses, but it's been many centuries since such a Matriarch has been encountered, in fact the last legendary Shiver swarms are said to exist only in the Wastes.
When the crusade came to an end, and the continent entered a time of shaky peace, the remaining Shivers were either wiped out or nested underground and went dormant, sleeping for centuries until either disturbed, or mass fear returned.
The members of Lodge #77 encountered a pair of young hatchlings near the town of Whitehoof, that had been dormant inside an old shrine to Ba'Shata until disturbed by a roaming pack of wild dogs. 

Among the prides of Ba'Shata, the Shudderwargs patrol the inner sanctums of the forest in their packs, serving the guardians and acting as their eyes and ears.
Appearing like large wolves, with mottled grey scales instead of fur, the Shudderwargs are intelligent, cunning, and prideful. The integrity of Ba'Shatas will, and the safety of the natural way, mattering above all else.
The most unique element of the Shudderwargs, are their Pack Spirit.
While each Shudderwarg is their own being, they are magically linked with the other members of their pack, drawing from the same reservoir of magical energy. This makes the creatures capable of acting in incredible unison, but beware, as it also means that for each member of the pack you slay, the other members have more power to draw upon, able to now access their slain companions share.

The Alphas of the Shudderwarg packs, are formed by the spiritual energy itself, and pass from body to body. Growing larger, smarter, and stronger, they are also protected by the spirit itself. When an Alpha is slain, they return to the reservoir, and eventually embody another pack member.

Wise, patient, and honorable to a fault, the Shudderwargs are stalwart in their duty, and bring great pride to the other creatures of the forest.

The Handmaidens Of The Princess
When the Twilight Princess was born, as Ba'Shata grew her from the forest, Nychta took a moment to survey their surroundings. Deciding that while Ba'Shata was capable of beautiful creation, he was shoddy at protecting those creations, Nychta plucked a handful of flower seeds from the rich soil, and scattered them.
From those 24 seeds, the 24 Handmaidens bloomed.
Part fey, part something else, the handmaidens serve the will of the princess and Ba'Shata with devotion and love. They tend to the plants of the forest, securing the great caves underneath the trees, and work tirelessly to ensure the prosperity of the animals.

They also created the Wild Trials, the defensive layers protecting the Great Tree from intruders.
Linked psychically, the handmaidens watch the entire forest, communicating with the Guardians, and watching all travelers who pass by.

They await the fateful day that Ba'Shata returns to the Great Tree, for when he does their Princess will awake, and she will be given new heart.

A unique undead, it's destructive power lies in its ability to compel restless spirits to rush to its side and obey it, both in the short term of a battle, and the longer term.
Taking the form of a formless shadow, the Monger attacks its prey with psychic abilities that grow in strength the more spirits it devours, with the stronger Mongers throughout history capable of slaughtering towns with a thought and then devouring the spirits of the dead, growing in power constantly and leaving a mound of corpses in their wake.

It is possible to create a Monger through the use of the Create Undead spell, but it requires at least three corpses of people who died in battle to work.
Every Monger starts off small and relatively harmless, but will grow if left alone.
The party encountered a relatively old Monger in the remains of the Oliveen Estate, that had been drawn to the area by the restless spirits of the slaughtered inhabitants. It grew in size quickly, but the party banished it easily enough.

Also called 'The Lonely Dead', a Whicker is a songbird of death.
Taking on the form of a skeletal winged beast about the size of a large dog, they travel the countryside attempting to find the grave of the love they had during life, singing their lethal song.
Their song is lethal to the living, and raises the dead.

Bestiary So Far

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