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Feralis is a complicated cluster of forces, factions, and powers at work.
The continent itself is fractured, a scar still left there after the Crusade was declared a stalemate:

The Western Forests, a superstitious and dark land, controlled entirely by the sprawling forest. It is 'governed' by it's Trade Circles, but each town and village are more or less left to their own devices. It is a mysterious and lost land, full of legends, myths, and curses.
A few Ferali settlements still exist, deeper in the forest than anyone dares ago, and the villages have never been seen even though the occasional Ferali has, and the Half-Ferali people found in the cities.

The Northern Capital, known as Whitehall, was originally destined to be the capital city of a united continent. But with that goal utterly shattered, both at the fracturing of the continent AND the death of Ursa Starbrine, who was to be queen, the city is instead governed by the Council Of Eight.
The main forces of power in the North, are the Seven Schools:
The School Of Steel, otherwise known as the School Of Creation, is a school of science, smithing, the crafts, and creation. All the best smiths in the land studied there.
The School Of Silver, otherwise known as the School Of Change, are the experts in Transmutation.
The School Of Gold, otherwise known as the School Of Fire, are the experts in Evocation
The School Of Moonlight, otherwise known as the School Of Sight, are the experts in Divination.
The School Of Glass, is the school of Conjuration, but it focuses almost entirely on healing, and is one massive hospital.
The School Of Agate, is the school of Illusion. But it was massacred only a few months ago, and is slow to recover from such a horror.
And, The School Of Diamond, the school of Abjuration and all defensive magic. They are also the guards of the city.

The South, is dedicated almost entirely to the service and maintenance of the Sphere. The Sphere is by far the greatest city on the continent, the entire city is seventeen levels, half above ground and half below. It's a giant clockwork city, with each level perched on the one below by a series of massive gears. The floors slowly rotate throughout the day, with great mirrors, to make sure they each receive sunlight.
The Sphere is the home of the Lodgers, the largest mercenary force on the continent, a mercenary force of 20,000 people isn't to be ignored. They take all missions, amass insane wealth, and the largest collection of artifacts and relics on the continent.
They also man the Seven Towers guarding the border of the Wastes.

The Center, is cursed. It prevents the other three regions from cooperating. The curse of the center took hold just towards the end of the war.
The curse is simple. It cannot be settled. And it almost can't be traversed. If you're in the center for longer than two days, you're normally never seen or heard from again.
Sometimes it's different. People have tried settling before. Some have even made decent progress, building houses, and even a couple of full cities. But then one day, everyone vanishes. At the same time, food still on tables, whatever they were carrying dropped on the spot.
But the Center is a paradise. Fertile land, fresh water lakes, abundant wildlife. It's a temptation.
But now it's littered with the dead carcasses of a hundred towns and cities.
Daring people to try again.

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Western Cities: 

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