Great Artifacts Discovered So Far

Kaskols Compendium: Originally the magical power source for Ursa Tower, the compendium was stolen by Lodge 12 in regards to discovering information about the Prophecy Of Seven. Kept by Ipsa of Lodge 12 for some time, it was recently discovered left for the party to find in an old base of the Writhing Blood Coven.
Lucille was made aware of its presence.
Mort is so far the only party-member to read the book, and was almost ensnared by its power. It is currently in storage at Lodge 77 while the party decides what to do with it.
The book was destroyed upon Kaskols death, melting into a ruin.

The Crown Of The Neverwere King: The first relic forged by Joran Blackfyre, the Crown Of The Neverwere King was originally meant to be the crown of Whitehall, the capital city of the continent. But as the country was never unified, a king was never crowned, and the crown itself fell into obscurity.
Possessing of obscure magical powers, it was theorized it is the only relic capable of breaking the curse of the center, and allowing the continent to finally unite under a common banner. The Order Of The New Dawn are dedicated to finding it.

White Flower: The blade personally used by Joran, it was the relic that earned him his curse when he quenched it in Sa'Maras blood during its forging. Surviving the war and Jorans disappearance, the blade then fell from warrior to warrior, only serving those who had passed its test.
While anyone holding it was capable of using it, only those it deemed worthy are capable of using its true powers. It was most recently in the hands of Paragon Sybil, but was recovered by the party after her death. It has since been returned to the archive.

Little Dodge's bow: The great bow of the greatest archer who ever walked Zorgrotia, nothing is so far known about it other than it was forged personally by Joran before his curse gripped him.
It was buried with him in the Whitefield Crypt.

Tacita's Daggers: The twin daggers of the Hero Tacita, they saw many years of service in her hands before her eventual demise during the final battle. Their powers are unknown, as Tacita was very secretive and discreet, and only she and Joran knew the blades capabilities.
They were not buried with her after her death, instead being lost.

Ysgar's Staff: The staff of the Hero mage Ysgar, nothing is known about it, but it was buried with him in Whitefield Crypt.

Nysteriums Masks: Nysterium, the god of Justice, Revenge, and Mercy, always had three great devoted followers, each wearing a physical manifestation of one of his own three masks. They have always existed, and the party discovered that they continue to exist even after the gods death.
Whether or not they are still as powerful as they would be if he was still around, is unknown.
There is the Mask Of The Judge (Justice), the Mask Of The Jury (Mercy), and the Mask Of The Executioner (Revenge).
The Mask Of The Judge is in the possession of Lord Jarys Gondarian, leader of the Order Of The New Dawn. He commented it had been passed down in his family directly for centuries, dating back to the time of the Crusade. It is a physical mask, detached, that looks more like a cowl that covers the head and eyes, leaving the mouth, chin, and neck exposed. Mort commented that he believes it would be the heaviest mask to wear. Jarys considered wearing it during the sentencing and execution of his son, but instead decided it needed to be done with his own face.
The Mask Of The Jury is in the possession of Paragon Lucille, who the party has now discovered to be a Paladin Of Nysterium. How she came into possession of it is unknown, but she was more than willing to talk about it after Mort inquired about how he believed she possessed it. The mask is somehow stored inside her being, magically, as she is able to call it out by waving her hand over her face. It covers her eyes and nose, wrapping around her head like a band. Like the other masks, it appears to be made of a silvery metallic bone.
The Mask Of The Executioner is currently stored in the Archive, on the twelfth level. Its discovery by the party before the campaign began is what led to Mort making contact with Nysterium, and it is generally believed Mort is the one destined to wear it. Gisei agreed as part of a deal that he can collect it for him, but it will take some time due to the protections around the archive. It is a mask that covers the entire face, even the mouth, but doesn't seem to have any straps or binds to keep it in place. Morts face is covered with a shimmering version of this mask when he uses Nysteriums powers

Tacita's Hourglass: Originally encountered in a small cavern, where it had been corrupted by the influence of Parash, during their brief foray back in time the party discovered the hourglass to belong to Tacita. It seemingly operated as a focus for her powers, as she was able to twist the power of it to send the party home. It is currently in Dereks possession, with Tacita having warned him he 'will need it when you face her, if you wish to get your way'

Thornclaw: The blade of Ba'Shata, seeming to have been forged from the wood and leaves of great trees, it somehow possesses a cutting edge. Bound within a gauntlet, it is somehow summoned up from the earth itself when desired, and the party have only recently observed that it is capable of at least a small amount of control over plant growth, when vines were summoned to restrain Boris. It was originally forged by Ba'Shata for his greatest champion and the defender of the forest, but during the crusade it fell into the hands of Sciothane, who proceeded to corrupt it.
It was currently in the possession of Samson, who has asked Boris to return it to the forest upon his death. When Boris and Samson clashed with Ira, it shattered under her power.

Great Artifacts Discovered So Far

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