Paragon Chrysalis, of the Sphere


Crystal Wasara, or as she’s known these days Chrysalis, was born a street rat in Arkanval, in the Western Trade Circles.
The daughter of a whore and a silk trader, Crystal and her twin brother Tyler slept in the brothels basement by day, and travelled the city in search of food and loose change by night.
Noticing the prevalence of street kids active in the city, Crystal and Tyler slowly made contact with them, making allies and friends with other kids all over the city.
Eventually this would, almost by accident, establish a network of communication.

As the years passed and they grew older, they became better and better thieves and thugs, eventually forming a gang with the other kids they had met years prior.
Wearing the title Street Rats with pride, they called themselves the Rodents, and they slowly absorbed every other gang active in the city, even those run by adults unable to resist the sheer influence that Crystal and Tyler were able to weave. Purchasing brothels, robbing caravans, and extorting the warehouses, the wealth of the Rodents bred more influence, which in turn bred more wealth.
By the age of 13, satisfied that the Stacks was united under a common ‘banner’, Crystal turned her gaze to outside the city, wanting to both find her father and see more of the world.
She told Tyler of her ambitions, and he reaffirmed his own, of staying inside the city and continuing to run the Rodents, as the Rat King.

Crystal stepped away from the gang, giving her brother full authority, before using her not small wealth to book passage on a trade caravan out of the west, eventually finding herself in the Sphere, where her father based his silk trade. Re-uniting with her dear papa, she found him boring and dull.
Disappointed by the reality of her father, Crystal looked around for adventure, eventually deciding to join the Lodge.

Originally underestimated due to her friendly disposition and penchant for nuisance, she never took violent jobs at first, instead dungeoneering and treasure hunting, while at the same time doing what she knew best, establishing a network of communication within the city.

Her reputation grew, with her ability to get inside anywhere, and get her hands on any item. She was often asked to take assassination or hit missions, but she refused. She finds no joy or amusement in combat, unlike her brother, instead preferring the thrill of thievery.

She always had an incredible mistrust of the Lodge, and the Paragons, finding something deeply twisted inside the social currents of the Sphere. Never allowing herself to be caught up on the internal social workings of the order, she instead has a unique outside perspective, even to this day.
She has often been vocal in her disagreements with Kylar, and the animosity between herself and Blackfang is well known. They respect each other, but their animosity has often seemingly spiked into hatred.
She instead prefers the company of the lower Lodgers.

She was only 16, when she was chosen to become a Paragon, the only Paragon to ever be chosen from the lower lodges. She initially refused the invitation, something never before done, but resigned herself to the fact that her best chance of changing things was from inside the hall.
And she did.
The years since Chrysalis took a place as a Paragon, have seen the lowest amount of Lodge murder and Lodge Wars since the years under the first ten Paragons, under her tireless efforts to encourage unity and friendship, actively working against the competitiveness and rivalries encouraged by the other Paragons. Her childhood talent for influence and connection allowing her efforts to flourish.

She is the only Paragon to never be assigned to a tower. While the official reason is that it’s because of her unique friendship with the lodges, it’s deeply suspected it’s actually because the other Paragons do not trust her, and wish to keep her close to Kylar and Blackfang, two of the strictest and sternest Paragons, to keep her controlled.

The only time she has ever shirked from her duties, was when Arkanval fell. Chrysalis vanished, believed to have travelled back West to try and find her brother and help in any recovery effort.
She returned a month later.


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