Feralis - The Feral Continent

Feralis is the lovechild of my over-active imagination, and my fixation on finding symbolism in seemingly protean forces of unpredictable chaos. I've always had a love for symbolic patterns, always.
This has lead to everything on Feralis having some form of symbolism or pattern. Well, pretty much everything, the rest is just for fun.
And, when such a world is so dripping with symbolism, that makes it complicated.

As its creator, I have an incredible memorized knowledge of my world. But that makes it hard for players and readers to get engaged if they have no reference to go back to. How can they connect dots, if the dots rely on my availability to talk about them?

Hence, this wiki.

If you're here, welcome, chances are you're a player in a Pathfinder campaign I'm writing and running.

I'll fill out this wiki with the things relevant to campaigns as they come up, this will likely lead to this wiki being updated in fragments. Maybe in a few years, a few campaigns from now, I wil have a fully fleshed out wiki, a collection of knowledge and scribbles.

But for now, consider it a journal of where you are. Of what you've seen.

The Feral Continent